How do I obtain a new building key?

Please contact the current property manager if you need a new building key. The building keys have to be specially made and will be mailed or delivered to you. A fee is associated with making a new key.

How does my vendor gain access to the roof to perform service on my heat pump?

Please contact the property manager. Your vendor will be required to show proof of insurance before they are allowed access to the roof to perform any services.

How do I obtain an additional parking spot?

Please contact the current property manager. The property manager will relay what spots are available and their monthly rental cost.

I'm a new owner or have new tenants moving in. What do I need to do to inform the Board?

Please contact the property manager to walk you through what to expect. The Rules and Regulations document provide some guidance. Submit a unit information form. New tenants require submitting a copy of the lease and signatures acknowledging review of the the Rules and Regulations document.

How do I file a nuisance complaint against an owner or tenant?

How do I dispose of old furniture, fixtures, appliances, batteries, and electronics?

Please refer to the rules and regulations page dedicated to trash disposal.

How do I login to pay condo fees or view my statement?

You can login to view your account statement, balance and setup ACH payment through Greatnorth Property Management's website https://greatnorth.net/. Once on the site, go to Connect Login to access your account information.