Projects Updates

Let's fix it before it becomes a problem!

The board of trustees together with Great North management company are working to solve current issues and take on renovation projects to avoid future problems and better our property.

Leaks in the garage

We are making arrangements to fill all the cracks in the garage.

Crack-X has been on site filling cracks that we've identified water coming through. We continue to monitor any new areas.

Completed: March 2020


November 2021 - We have retained an outside company to paint exterior railings and the front hallways/common areas. We have plans for the back hallways to be looked at in 2022.

Completed: December 2021

Back Decks

A serious undertaking, repairing and/or replacing the back is being explored.

We are researching our options with Charlesgate Property Management.

Status: Awaiting Quotes from Multiple Vendors