Condo and Property Use

Quiet hours

  • Sunday through Thursday: 11:00pm – 7:00am
  • Friday and Saturday: 12:00am – 8:00am

Urgent problems with disturbances should be reported to the police.


  • Cigarette smoking is not permitted in any common area.
  • Marijuana usage is prohibited throughout entire property, including inside each unit.

Pets allowed

Common household pets, such as dogs, cats and fish, may be kept in the units. Per the requirement of the City of Medford household pets are limited to 3 per unit. Absolutely no breeding of any type of animals is allowed.

Common Areas

Hallways, stairways, lobby, parking lots, garage front/ back entrances and front lawns are considered common areas. All common areas are to be free of any owner personal items at all times. Storage of items in common areas, as defined as more than 24 hours, may result in a fine.

Outdoor Cooking

Only electric grills are permitted on any of the balconies. Owners with an exclusive easement to a backyard are permitted to have propane/gas grills as long as they do not sit up against the building which may cause a fire or damage to the siding.

Car idling in the garage

Allowing a car to idle for over 5 minutes whether it is attended, unattended, or started via remote start system is not allowed.