Curious what is going on with the property?

The board of trustees puts together a newsletter every quarter to let you know about financials, projects completed, issues we are dealing with, and more. These are distributed by email and are available below.

December 2021: Q4


  • Annual Owners Meeting

  • Board of Trustees Open Slots

  • Deck and Door Projects

  • Trash & Recycle

  • Hallway & Railings Painting

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November 2020: Q3


  • The financials continue to look good and we have a healthy reserve.

  • The Annual Owners Meeting which normally occurs in November is pushed forward to January due to COVID-19. Please look for upcoming announcement(s) for details. The Board is discussing how to best hold the meeting as required by our Association By-laws and maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe.

  • We appreciate everyone’s support during the September in unit heat detector inspections by ACP. Some detectors were identified as damaged and we will be arranging soon with the specific unit owners to replace these to keep everyone safe in case of fire.

  • You might have noticed that the recycle and metal dumpsters have been overflowing during late July through early September. The Board has adjusted the pickup days to maximize utilization between pickups. *Dumpster pickups are twice per week: Tuesday (was Wednesday), Friday *Recycle pickups are once per week: Thursday(week1), Friday(week2)*.

  • Projects completed in Q3: both garage doors replaced, replaced one of the garage fan motor, belt and timers, maintenance on the front decks, overgrown tree in the back of Building4.

  • Ongoing projects: washing off the back platforms (spring 21), pedestrian doors to be removed.

  • Future projects: back balcony replacement, painting and masonry (gathering info / quotes).

  • We contacted GLX about several concerns including replacing the removed trees along the fence and noise mitigation. GLX representative has responded that the project did not include planting new trees. As the project progresses to completion we will revisit noise mitigation with the commuter line.

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June 2020: Q2


  • The financials continue to look good and we have a healthy reserve (no COVID-19 impacts thankfully!).

  • Major projects completed in Q2 include: front platformed power washed and sealed, garage door replaced, garage water leaks remediated.

  • Ongoing projects include: back decks maintenance, painting to refresh the exterior.

  • Future projects include: electrical garage fanboxes (soon), rear balcony replacement (still planning).

  • The Broadway bridge is now open!

  • A zoning hearing was held on June 18th for converting the gas station at 590 Boston Ave into 5 story 40 unit dwelling.

  • Outdoor grilling will be something to look forward to. Please be safe -- only electric grills are permitted on balconies.

  • Marathoner Interview included.

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March 2020: Q1


  • For latest updates regarding COVID-19 specific to our neighborhood, text COVIDMA to 888-777.

  • The Board of Trustees would like to welcome Nancy Ng (9A) and Andreea Georgescu (8E) as newly appointed Trustees.

  • The PSC google group has relaunched as the PSC community google group.

  • The financials continue to look good and we have a healthy reserve.

  • Major projects completed in 2019 include: common area window replacement, Mass Save attic insulation and hallway/garage LED light upgrades, garage clean-up, front steps and platforms masonry repairs.

  • Ongoing projects include: garage water remediation project and mitigation of general water leaks.

  • Future projects include: evaluation of back decks, garage water drainage, resealing front landings, hot water heater sensors, and painting project.

  • A developer has submitted for zoning hearings to convert St. Clements School across the street into new condos.

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